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Pay what you feel

TAROT READING - Pay what you Feel

If you would like to dig deeper into an issue, an emotion or an experience, the tarot can provide insight and guidance. Wether it be about creative blocks, love, business, relationships, the tarot can shed light in the shadows. What’s on your mind?

What this reading includes:

  • Reading for 1 question or situation

  • A picture of your cards - usually 4 cards sometimes more depending on what is needed.

  • A detailed 700 word minimum PDF which includes a card by card description and interpretation sent by email within 3 days of purchase sometimes quicker :-D

  • I always give guidance and suggestions on how to navigate the situation.

  • Scroll down to read some testimonials! <3

    *When purchasing you will be prompted to fill out a form providing me with a bit more information on your situation, feel free to write whatever is on your mind.

Disclaimer :

All readings conducted by Vanessa are always given with each client's best interests at heart.  Readings are to be seen as intuitive guidance on the possible outcomes that lay ahead of you.  Each client has free will to choose their path and therefore definite answers will never be given.  


“Vanessa is a very very intuitive tarot card reader. She has amazing ability to connect and tune with her reader. She has God gifting ability to see your problems and questions in depth. Her elaboration of cards is also amazing.. . I am really feel lucky to have reading with her and enjoyed also. Anyone can take a reading and guidance from her to know their right path.”


”Thank you for this impressive reading  :-) It really resonated with me not only with my past situation but with my present situation as well :-) Because of this I will gladly follow the advice of taking a different approach.. Thank You :-)”


”Vanessa picked up on the energy surrounding myself and the subject of my reading. She gave insight into the situation based on information I had not give her. The advice she has provided seems solid and I feel it should be taken. Thank you, Vanessa.”


“Vanessa! This reading is amazing! THANK YOU! I've had LOTS of readings done and do LOTS of readings and for some reason, with my particular situation, I felt drawn to have a reading done here. Now I know why. Your energy is so sweet and this encouragement and reassurance is EXACTLY what I needed. You are definitely bang on as you read into my energetic field - I am loving, abundant, and very excited about the future. I'm also an intuitive so all of that was very accurate as well.  :-) I really needed to be told to tell my ego to take the back seat though - it's been rearing it's head at me and I had given too much power to it - not any more. I am feeling SO much better. Thank you so much love. You are a wonderful intuitive. Have a wonderful day and God bless you beauty!”

Katelyn Edgar

“I just wanted to let you know that the reading resonates with me completely! Thank you very much!!!”