Who am I...

My name is Vanessa and I was born a to a pisces sun and an aquarius rising in Montreal, Canada. I was raised in a lush 30 acre forest on the outskirt of the city where deer, cardinals and rabbits roamed among the spruce, birch and pine trees. I had no siblings or neighbours, my imagination and my surroundings were my bff's. My dad who was a designer and an total genius built are house with his own hands. A magical and mysterious house to say the least. My parents have been my biggest influence in life. My mom who was and is always so beautiful, stylish and put together; a strong woman would inspire me to try out outfits of my own. She would even dress me up and bust out her camera for impromptu photoshoots. She had books on numerology, palm reading and a deck of tarot cards that always intrigued me any time I would stumble on them. As I mentioned before, my dad was a creative genius, a designer... industrial, interior, furniture you name it! I wanted to do everything like daddy. He had his own company and would bring me to meetings with him and explain to me how things were made from a very young age. He had this amazing studio with all kinds of machinery and we would spend hours on end just making things together. Pops is the reason behind my dark and mysterious aesthetic.

How my love of crystals came about...

I think I've been collecting semi precious stones for as long as I can remember. My parents and I used to go to this greek restaurant that was situated in a small shopping mall in our hometown. And I'm talking in the 80's here... and across the restaurant was this little esoteric shop that I would go and hang out in while my parents were wining and dining. I was obsessed with the stones. A bit later in life... when I was about 11 or 12, my dad brought me on a business trip to Arizona. And on one of his off days we ended up going to this huge outdoor market where there was a jewelry making stall with millions of semi precious stones. Mind blown. My 11 year old self wasn't aware that you could actually diy your own jewelry (and you have to remember the internet as we know it didn't exist in 1991). And that's how my love of jewelry making began and also the gathering and hoarding of stones. I've continued learning about their metaphysical properties, experimenting with their energy and I just plain looking at them!!  They are so beautiful and magical! I've always felt an intuitive connection to certain stones and don't always pay attention to the qualities when choosing them, I go with what feels right at that moment.