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Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading


If you would like to dig deeper into an issue, an emotion or an experience, the tarot can provide insight and guidance. Wether it be about creative blocks, love, business, relationships, the tarot can shed light in the shadows. What’s on your mind?

What this reading includes:

  • Reading for 1 question or situation

  • A picture of your cards - usually 4 cards sometimes more depending on what is needed.

  • A detailed 1000 words minimum PDF which includes a card by card description and interpretation sent by email within 3 days of purchase sometimes quicker :-D

    *When purchasing you will be prompted to fill out a form providing me with a bit more information on your situation, feel free to write whatever is on your mind.

Disclaimer :

All readings conducted by Vanessa are always given with each client's best interests at heart.  Readings are to be seen as intuitive guidance on the possible outcomes that lay ahead of you.  Each client has free will to choose their path and therefore definite answers will never be given.  

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